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May 3, 2018
South Grafton, MA, 01560
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Kinda strange but I never take a hose or power sprayer to any of my rides and I suspect it is for those who do. Rain is normally coming down or at an angle... but with a hose water can come from all angles; including bottom up. Just my thoughts... still not a fan of the idea though. Sounds like a way to keep the lawyers out of it...'

I use a hose, but I use either the mist setting or whatever that gentle sprinkle setting is on the nozzle. I never use a heavy stream of water or pressure washer level power. I've seen many people use the pressure washer and personally, I think that is a huge mistake.


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Sep 4, 2021
Previously had an Harley Davidson for 8 years, I couldn’t be arsed polishing it, but I washed it a few times a year.
My washing procedure was to completely soak it with hose/cold water to remove any grit etc. Then wash with soft mitt in bucket of hot water mixed with turtle wax/wash. Then rinse off with hose/cold water and dry with air blower thingy.
After 8 years it still looked like new. I never covered any part up and never used a pressure washer but completely soaked the switch gear and Garmin Zumo GPS satnav holder. The way I see it, they gotta be water proof and surely Triumph switches etc are as good as Harley.

I just found this video of someone showing how to clean a Rocket 3..


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