R3T Oil Pressure Sensor Change...Question


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Dec 11, 2014
Coldwater, MI
2015 Rocket 3 Touring
My 2015 R3T oil pressure light has been flickering on and off. So far this occurs only after startup but it may go on and off for a couple minutes. I do not hear any evidence of oil pressure issues with the engine and have not had any issues after warmup or on the road. It has never done this before during my ownership of the bike. I have ordered a new sensor and will be digging into the issue (like loose connections) once it arrives. I have not examined access to the sensor as of yet.

My air box ducting has been removed, with the addition of the Ramair, as well as the evaporative cannister from other mods I have made. The air filter box is still in place under the seat. The manual says I will have to remove my tank as well. I run the recommended oil and change it regularly along with the filter. The only thing I did different during the last falls oil change was not use a Triumph oil filter. I think I used a WIX.

My question (to get ahead of the game) is for anyone who has replaced the sensor....how difficult is it to get at and replace it? Any pitfalls I should be aware or any experience with this issue. I did search the forum, but did not find much except for people having the sensor replaced several times before getting a functional one and fixing a similiar problem.