HELP!!!!! Oil leaking from bottom pan?


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May 11, 2022
2015 Triumph Rocket Touring
I am not remotely mechanically savy. My new-to-me 2015 Rocket 3 Touring just started leaking today. I rode it for probably 300 miles Sunday, no leaks. Then today I rode about 35 miles and parked it. When I went back out to the garage there was something underneath it. At the time I thought it was coolant but there's no leak in the coolant. Upon further inspection it is leaking on the left side, it looks like from two bolts. There is a small rubber stopper that the kickstand hits when you put the kickstand up. The leak is coming from the bolts just above that. These are both small bolts, and one seems to be leaking much more than the other.

Do you guys have any ideas what this is and how serious it might be?
The bike was serviced a about 2k miles ago, which was in June.


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Nov 2, 2013
Timmins, Ontario
2012 Rocket Roadster
Take a couple of pictures of the area to make it easier for the group to identify. You need to determine if the leak is oil or coolant. What color is the fluid? You can tell the difference between coolant and oil simply by smelling or even tasting. Also, coolant can leak from the overflow bottle when hot with minimal indication that the level is low. The overflow travels down a hose to the ground. If it is oil and you've checked to see that the drain plugs are tight, I'd check for a leak from up above. A loose valve cover can cause seepage to run down along the side of the block. Also a few fellows have had the valve cover gasket squeeze out of position, sometimes in hard to see locations causing a leak. The valve cover gasket around the spark plugs has also been known to move causing oil to leak through a drain hole in the head, I think on the intake side. These are just some things to check off the top of my head.
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