1. Ian w

    Triumph Rocket111 Roadster 2004 in Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia

    hi Guys, I started my bike up the other morning and had to wait for a mate so turned it of, when ready to ride I tried starting it but nothing, the headlights don't come on but the lights on the instruments do I can here a click at the relay switch and the battery is all good, I read that the...
  2. Son_Of_Dog

    Triumph Rocket Bobber

    Big Bob- Mr. Martini Triumph Rocket 3 Don't sell me your roadster.
  3. Geek_Law

    2007 Triumph Rocket - Speedo stopped but Odometer works

    Hey guys! I guess I'm a dinosaur with my 2007 R3. Nonetheless, last summer I put the bike away with no issues. ran it a few times over the winter and kept it on a tender. Today I jump on and the dials act a bit weird. They don't sweep when I turn the bike on, but wait until its running and...
  4. pomeroy

    First gear problems. Triumph R111 Touring (2010) 17000miles.

    First gear problems. Triumph R111 Touring (2010) Having a problem dropping down into first, will not shift down past second when riding without a bit of 'jiggery pokery'. Will drop straight into first from start up (Neutral) and shift up and down through the box as normal except for 'first'...
  5. Journeyman28778

    Triumph Electric Bike

  6. Darkmatter

    New to Triumph and the Rocket- Hello from uk

    I went out to buy another BMW and come home with a Rocket 3 GT Triple Black. Instant love at first sight and will never look back!
  7. Triumph America rider stepping up with the big boys

    Hi All I just purchased my first R3. i have always ridden Triumph and thought it was time to step up to the big boy . cant wait to get out around Europe.
  8. Tritun diagnostics programming software obsolete, what is Triumph dealer using now?

    hi all, I have a few questions : Q1 What has replaced Tritun software? - The bulletin says that Triumph Technical Information has replaced tritun but i dont see any software anywhere nor they mentioned to download new software Q2. Does someone know what dealer is using when there is no...
  9. Adoration

    Took delivery of a Rocket 3R on Saturday. What an incredible machine made by Triumph! Greta Thunberg look away now.
  10. RomeoTango

    Tools for headlight alignment: 2008 Triumph Rocket III

    Kind of an odd question: what tools do I need to do a headlight alignment on a 2008 Triumph Rocket III? Reason is, I am meeting a buddy for a weekend ride and I know his headlights are not aligned properly. We will have a little down time, and I thought I would do him a solid and I would prefer...
  11. Evil Mitch

    Triumph custom parts Tail tidy installed

    Just installed the tail tidy from Triumph custom parts Very happy with the outcome and look
  12. Zutt

    Competition Werkes Exhaust, With or Without DB Killers?

    Hi all. I have the CW pipes and absolutely love the sound, it's intoxicating, but on longer rides it can get a little loud after a while, so considering the DB killers. Those who have Comp Werkes exhaust, are you running them with or without the DB Killers? Do they substantially "kill" the...
  13. Crash Guards for Triumph Rocket Roadster 2018

    Hello Friends, I am new to this group, and need your help. I am based in Chicago suburbs and own a 2018 Rocket Roadster. I am looking at purchasing crash guards for both the front and rear and prepare my motorcycle for the upcoming summer. Kindly suggest where I can source these from. Any kind...
  14. Tal

    Nitro Triumph

  15. stollydriver

    Triumph Factory Experience

    Just to say that the factory tour at Hinkley is well worth a visit. Will do a full write up when I have the time. Here is a pic of R3 with cut outs on display....
  16. Jurock replacement windshield fits Triumph Rocket III GT 2020 Models

    Hi; I read a bunch of review and different windshields but did not find one on this one. The one I currently have (re-purposed from previous BMW R2110R) hist me right at the middle of the helmet. Any of you have this one, and how high the wind goes and is there any buffeting. I am not looking...
  17. Ice

    Are Triumph Rockets reliable?

    I currently own both a 2019 HD Breakout and a 2019 HD Fatboy. Instead of spending $10k to upgrade to a Stage 4 kit, I put a deposit on a 2022 R3 GT 221 Model. After reading theses R3 forums I’m thinking I made a mistake. I live in a Chicago suburb with two Triumph dealers within 15-miles. Is it...
  18. Exhaust for Triumph Rocket 3R 2021

    Hello everyone, I´m new to this forum and didn´t introduce myself yet but I will do it ASAP at the correct field. Nowadays I ride a Harley Davidson Road Glide Ultra and just put an order to get my Rocket.. as the motorcycle takes about 6 months to be delivered, I have been searching for...
  19. wirral_biker

    From Honda Valkyrie to a Triumph Rocket - Hello :-)

    Hi, live Wirral, England. After four Honda F6c Valkyries, decided to go modern and acquire a lovely 2007 Rocket III. No regrets ( BOTH great bikes ). New front tyre to be fitted shortly and other mods include shorty stainless exhaust and T bars + clear indicators. Love this bike.
  20. Proct1

    New Triumph Owner

    Hello from Utah, Look forward to all of the info on this forum!