1. Rocket2500

    Thoughts on ordering a hybrid R/GT Rocket?

    A couple of weeks ago I put down a refundable deposit on the new Rocket, but can't decide which model to order. I have read that all the parts specific to the R are interchangeable with the GT and vice versa, so am thinking of trying to order a hybrid. In a nutshell, I would like the GT in...
  2. Chewy

    2006, Rocket 3, Classic, M-Lock, Schematics, keyless,

    I recently had the ignition failure everyone is aware of. I purchased some LEDs for my headlights and picked up a M-Lock for pretty cheap on Ebay. I am looking for a schematic for the 2006 r3 classic/m-lock installation.
  3. Rocket TFC vs GT/R

    Does anyone know what accessories available for the GT/R are compatible with the TFC? I would like to be able to use the seat with backrest and bags. Are the TFC foot pegs adjustable forward/back like the GT or up/down like the R. I have a TFC on order and main concern I have is the ability...
  4. Jay

    **SOLD** Utopia Rider Backrest Triumph Rocket 3 in excellent condition.

    Sold Utopia Rider Backrest Triumph Rocket 3 in excellent condition. Asking $135 shipped in the continental US or plus shipping elsewhere. Bought from another forum member and decided to get the long-haul back rest and seat instead. So I no longer need this and listing it again for sale...
  5. BSA 1969 rocket 3

    You guys did good on the last question. One more for you wise ones 1969 bsa rocket 3 .the tank strap screws. What r they and where do I get em ?
  6. 2006 Rocket rear running light

    Can any of you guys advise me on how to replace the rear running light. Tnx
  7. mickm7

    Want to Buy wanted rocket passenger floorboards

    wanting 08 rocket passenger floorboards..contact with price..thanks
  8. Starmanut

    triumph rocket touring pannier rails - For Sale

    Just popped up on ebay. A pretty penny, but real hard to find anymore. triumph rocket touring pannier rails | eBay
  9. Claviger

    Rocket 3 Roadster review - Long (haha right?).

    TLDR:. The stock (or stockish) R3R is a fantastic bike I never gave quite enough credit to. It is fast enough to challenge nearly any skill level rider through canyons/mountains, handles well enough to thrill, and can easily double most posted speed limits on most corners if ridden well. There...
  10. Radz94

    New to the Rocket III experience

    Hello, I’m from Bucks County PA . Own a 2007 Harley Ultra and just bought a 2006 Rocket III from a friend as a replacement. Locking forward to the forum for advice, suggestions and guidance to get the bike where I want it.
  11. 2015 triumph rocket 3 touring in NYC

    Hi I recently purchased a tr3 touring model only 4700 miles on it. What upgrades should I look at doing to make the bike ride better. I’m buying a light kit already and I’m looking into a new horn. I herd to get the k-n filter as well as a “ecu flash” I think that’s what it’s called. Any other...

    New 2019 Triumph Rocket 3R & GT

  13. James Wildman

    2018 Rocket 3 fuel gauge not showing fuel

    Hi all, So I went and bought a ram-air intake system for my rocket. Fuel gauge worked fine before installation. Installed the new intake and EVERYTHING is reconnected. Turned it on and did the idle tune as the instructions said. The bike at the time had half a tank left so it looked and sounded...
  14. dustyroad

    For Sale For Sale: 2016 Rocket III Roadster

    2016 Triumph Rocket III Roadster ABS | European Cycle Sports My son is selling his 2016 Rocket Roadster. Clean, has approximately 5,000 miles. I've included the dealers web site on the bike. Or pm me and I'll give you details. It is also listed on Cycletrader. Thanks for the looks and...
  15. vindex1963

    2006 Rocket III

    I have a 2015 Victory Cross Country and a 2015 Suzuki V-Strom 650. I've been riding 30+ years and do all my own work, I'm very hands on and very comfortable wrenching on my bikes. 2006 Rocket III Classic 22,000 miles $3900 I talked to the owner today and he said he's the original owner, all...


    When I rev the motor white smoke comes out.I previously overfilled the oil by about one quarter of a quart. I ran many miles at 90 mph or even more with it like that. Then I seen the smoke when I first blip the throttle. I changed the oil with the proper amount and a new air filter. It still...
  17. Tal

    Rocket R and Rocket GT video

  18. 2018RocketBlackBird

    For Sale texas craigslist 2005 Rocket. $2200

    2005 Triumph Rocket 3