1. Rcook

    ‘08 Rocket 3

    I am looking for a OEM Windshield for my ‘08 Rocket 3 I purchased a couple months ago. Does anyone know where to get one?
  2. 1Steve

    What is the best way to cleanly install a USB power cord on a 2015 Rocket 3 Touring?

    I have seen comments on another thread that indicates the Touring might already have plug, I don't know where that is at? I'm guessing near the fuse box but unsure. Also, how do I get it cleanly routed to the handlebars without duct taping it to the side of the tank? It looks like one of the...
  3. Claviger

    My log of Alice's transformation into "my bike"

    Just using this to consolidate and preserve (for my own use mostly), the process of modifying my Z H2. (Pictures to follow from phone). Thoughts as delivered: Power is over the top. Kawasaki was insane to deliver this motorcycle to the public: it's flat out probably the most dangerous bike in...
  4. New from Washington,

    hey everyone, I found this site today looking for a place to put a few parts up for sale. I previously had a 2011 R3, then in 2020 bought the new model. last year I realized i would rather go back to a more confy sitting posturte and since I no longer had the 2011, I opted for a different...
  5. Justdad

    Another Rocket 3 heading to Bonneville but in 2023

  6. Rocket thrasher.

    Hi all, Just bought a 2005 Rocket 3 . Not my usual choice, GSXR's, Fireblade, Ducati, kind of guy. Anyway I'm pleasantly surprised. Addicted to its sheer acceleration. Current issues she overheats, and the clutch slips on hard acceleration at the end of the rev range, is this a clutch issue...
  7. ArekDeBoss

    What do you use your rocket for

    On few occasions clients, passer byes, neighbours etc after usual question like : what's the top speed, engine size etc made a comment of impracticality of such a big heavy bike. I strongly disagree since I use the bike all the time, almost all the year along. And I found it very versatile and...
  8. spb2002

    New Rocket owner UK

    Hi, just wanted to say hello... just bought a 2005 Rocket 3... only just had a quick 50 mile run on it so far, but loving it already!
  9. 🚀 III

    New 2022 Rocket 🚀III R

    Hello from US 2022 Rocket 🚀 III R
  10. masterchief

    New Rocket 3GT

    Hi All, Glad to be here and part of the team....Getting Ready to take ownership of my new Rocket 3GT on the 1st of Sept (New Reg), Its my first New Bike ever.... and really dont know what to do to it to make it my own, other than the list of extras im bolting to it, so any help and guidance...
  11. pfos1

    Built 2020 Rocket?

    Anyone know if Carpenter or another engine genius is working on building up the motor? I had TTS send me a quote for their stage 2 super charger but the exchange rate and labor made it too expensive (around $15,000 to get to 300hp). I am wondering if something is in the works for this new rocket...
  12. SR71

    Rocket 3 gt ecu flash

    Hi guys .. so I done my ecu flash on my Rocket 3 gt Rear wheel hp / nm
  13. Choptop

    Rocket and Windvest

    Have a '15 Rocket w/Triumph windshield, do not like the windshield so yesterday I ordered a 14 x 16 Windvest windshield, have read a thread, can't find it now, were someone used harley lowers , installed w/the Triumph hardware, I believe they were FLH lowers ? Thanks in advance.
  14. Lowenberg

    2022 Rocket 3R-Black

    Hello fellow Rocket Pilots... I need advice on which Tool and Software to purchase to reset the service interval mileage and date? The nearest Triumph Dealer is 150 miles from my location, so I have completed the oil change with AMSOIL at the recommended weight and OEM oil filter and seals...
  15. Gateway77

    Corbin Seat - How Disappointing!

    I've mentioned my disappointment with the finish and attention to detail on my Corbin seat already; but now after waiting weeks for a response from Corbin - I can only report that I've heard nothing back from at all. Not even we're sorry but there's not much we can do from here. Absolute...
  16. R-III-R Turbo

    Can a Rocket III take down the establishment, and rule this island

    So in southern Ireland, drag racing isn't a big thing. In fact there is only 1 motorcycle event on per year here that I know of, it's on in early April on a public road which is closed for the day. (There are no drag strips here. Only other drag races I know of are cars that do it on an airport...
  17. Vladimir the Sinner

    '13 Rocket 3 Roadster

    Hello people. My name is Vlad, living in eastern Europe, Romania. Currently owning a '13 Rocket Roadster, got it for 2 months now, mainly getting used to it. The bike is mainly stock, it has a windshield, foldable brake and clutch levers, front and back floorboards, heel to toe shifter and a...
  18. pietpetoors

    2009 Rocket 3 - 4th Gear Problem

    When I select 4th gear, it is as if does not go in all the way. It goes in, but the moment I release the clutch and apply power, teeth grind on each other. I realized than when I select 4th on a downhill, leave the clutch and apply almost no power, it will stay in gear. But the moment I apply...
  19. pietpetoors

    Rocket 3 Touring South Africa

    I have a 2009 Rocket 3 Touring. Is an awesome bike. Thank you for a great forum.
  20. Dr.D

    Cod Rocket

    Ready to ride today. A buddy of mine named my bike after a ride on it and the name stuck. Just had to have a shirt made with the name on it. What’s your bikes name?