1. Best exhaust option for Rocket 3R Black Edition?

    I'm new here from Bolton in the UK. Wondering what decent exhaust silencers are there to fit to the Rocket 3r black Edition without ruining the natural lines and aesthetics of the bike. Seen alot of examples fron the USA and UK but look like after thought bolt ons and stick out at funny angles...
  2. Ishrub

    Today's scores: Corbin Dual with back rests and a pair of Shorty Rocket exhausts

    Today's scores: Corbin Dual with back rests and a pair of Shorty Rocket exhausts/crossover
  3. charliek

    For Sale Corbin Rocket 3 fairing with sound system

    This is the Corbin faring for the 2020 to 2023 rocket three. It took me four months after ordering to get this faring. I'm selling my 2022 rocket so the faring is available. It is $2500 new from Corbin and took approximately four months to get. It is beautiful and works great for wind reduction...
  4. Jehan

    Rocket Cover

    Hello, Nice to meet you all. I am looking for a cover for my Triumph Rocket 3R. Does anybody know where I may find a good one (indoor) ? Thanks in advance. Best to you :-)
  5. Pdupps

    New Member, Interested in the Rocket 3

    Hey guys! New member. A little background. My first bike was an Honda XR 80 when I was kid. Ended up with Honda Shadow 750 in my late teens, early 20s. Got it practically for free, was gave to me after giving a friend some car parts. Started working off and sold the bike right before I got...
  6. Darron1117

    Rocket Woes!!!

    Hello all, I posted about a week ago that I changed out my grips on my 2012 Roadster with 12k miles. Non-heated grips and ran perfectly beforehand. Did not touch anything but the grip housing and nothing down below. It runs like this until it warms up and is almost normal then. I was thinking...
  7. Whylee

    New Rocket owner in hours

    Worked a deal yesterday with my local dealer on a 2023 Rocket GT in phantom black. Trading in my Ducati Multistrada V4s. Heading down there in a few hours to finish the paperwork and ride away. Wont be able to ride much except for the ride home, as its just to cold out at 20 degrees. But I...
  8. Identify right Tune for my Rocket

    Hello experts, I have a Rocket roadster 2018 with Dave Platt slip on exhausts i believe (it came like this from previous owner) I am not sure if cat was removed or not. Can someone look at these picture and identify if any other mods were done to exhausts? I have ordered RamAir intake setup...
  9. baileegirl

    Hi... I am new here, although I do own a very new 2020 Rocket III GT.

    My Rockett III sets because it is too tall for me to ride. I bought it because I fell in love with the overall look of this rather large machine. I keep it in the garage , all covered up with sheets to keep it clean. So far I have about 100 miles on it and choose to ride my Softail because I...
  10. Ishrub

    Hi-Torque conrod design may fit a Rocket with mods.

    These rods have been designed and tested on a GM V8 motor with similar/same piston dimensions to our Rockets. The company has only developed the rods as drop-in replacements for 5.3- and 6.2-liter LS V8 engines from General Motors thus far. Some possible downsides for peak HP though apparently...


    We got chance to run our customers Supercharged Rocket 300 at an airstrip last week. We are going back to do some more but this was the best Dragy data we got on the day. The track was damp and dusty so it was a bit of a wild ride. Video's are coming up in the next week. So this shows a 10 sec...
  12. 9Ball

    Sold my Rocket…

    No longer a Triumph motorcycle owner. I’ll have to settle for my 24 year old Honda Valkyrie in the future. Thanks for all the friendship and help over the last 15 years…this group is the nicest of all the forums I’m part of. Ride safe everyone… John
  13. KidRossi

    Rocket X

    Hello all👋🏽 Just introducing myself Have a Rocket X #268, from Perth Western Australia
  14. jammybun

    my rocket 3 gt nightmare

    bought a used rocket 3 get here in Thailand almost a year ago.unfortunately for me,it turned out to have the infamous oil leak.in my next post,I will upload some horrendous pics. not a pretty sight.
  15. Rocketman1

    Senior Rocket III Problem

    Original owner purchased July 2004 one of first 200 in the USA. !8 years of trouble free service 35,00 miles. last 240 mile ride was Oct. 2021. Always garaged and put on battery tender. Started up on Jan. 2022 and noticed no cold start high idle just 650 RPM steady. Ran for 15min revved up a...
  16. 2020 Rocket 3 R Passenger Pegs Fall Down

    I removed my stock passenger pegs and upon re-installing them, they fall down when I make semi-sharp corners. They have been properly tightened. I did notice two very small ball bearings (the size of a pen tip), but have not found anywhere associated with the pegs for them to fit. The way they...
  17. needforspeed150

    2021 Rocket GT Service light on.

    I have a 2021 Rocket 3 GT and have a issue with the 12 acc plug with now power and a service light on. I checked all of the fuses and find none that are blown. Is there a separate fuse I am not seeing for this. The owners manual says its a 5 amp. Only one 5 amp in the fuse box and it doesn't...
  18. Rocket Newby

    I'm a retired Environmental Engineer & Archeologist. I spent frst half of my working years as a private consultant, the last 25 working for the U. S. Air Force at one of their bombing and gunnery ranges. My parents refused to let me get a Vespa when I turned 16, but I got around that by going...
  19. Hodge1974R3

    New Rocket 3 Gt

    A big thank you Brisan of Newcastle,Instrument panel cracked and replaced under warranty.They went above and beyond to get this though for me. Special mention to Dale. Thanks guys.
  20. Speedometer Accuracy 2022 Rocket R3

    I"ve got a 2022 Rocket R3 with just over 600 miles. I use Waze on my phone to alert me of traffic issues to and from work. I recently noticed that the Rocket's speedometer was reading between 4 to 6 mph faster than what Waze was indicating my speed at. For instance, traveling down the highway...