1. estoma

    So what have you fettled on that Rocket lately?

    I thought it is only Ducati's, but it applies to them all, really. You need to take them home to finish the job, don't you? But let's face it. this new Rocket is pretty darn good already to start with. I took some 300 grit and sanded down the Brembo® logos on the front brake and clutch master...
  2. Moosef1970

    2012 Rocket 3

    Just joined yesterday. I am learning how to navigate this site and am looking for some parts for my bike. I am interested in a larger fairing, crash/engine guards, and any tips on making it more badass.
  3. pica

    Rocket 3... which aluminum parts are clear coated, which ones are not?

    Hi guys do you have an idea, I am terrible to recognize that. the gas cap have some bad smudges I guess from my glove or gasoline, but can't clean it right, and I don't want with an aluminum polisher if that is clear coated.... thank you and safe rides
  4. Ava8harrierusmc1

    2014 Rocket 3 Touring Floorboard problem to start with.

    I got it for $6000 with only 8,120 miles on it. Great bike but it is a heavy beast of a bike. But I do have a problem. I'm 6'2 long legs but when I put my feet down mainly on the left side my foot hits the floor board sometimes and I'm worried that I will drop this beast of a motorcycle. I just...
  5. Jack

    Want to Buy Rocket 3 Touring single headlight.

    A single headlight from a R3 Touring. I will swap my pair of headlights for a single Touring headlight if anyone is interested.
  6. Zutt

    Rocket 3 Severice Manual?

    Anywhere I can download or access the R3 service manual? Thanks
  7. Justdad

    Idaho Red Rocket spends an ugly penny to beat me

    We seriously like to have fun, hopefully you can see that in the video. Old men like to race too. I hope you like the video and remember I really like Rocket 3s but hate to lose.
  8. Rocket Bus

    Hi all, thanks for the add, I ride a 2014 Rocket three, Ive had for nearly a year now, its my pride and joy, I live on Sydneys northern beaches

    Hi all, thanks for the add, I ride a 2014 Rocket three, I’ve had for nearly a year now, it’s my pride and joy, I live on Sydney’s northern beaches
  9. Nifty

    2005 Rocket III

    Hi everyone, a 2005 Rocket III owner now for 6 months from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Loving the new bike. Have bought some new led headlights but also wanting some new led indicators. Can anyone recommend.
  10. Curlymeister

    Rocket 3R, Six weeks in.

    I was having lunch at a seaside burger joint just before Christmas when I first saw the “Hotwheels” bike that I didn’t recognise. 2 up. Cruising the coast. I was drawn to the bike that turned out to be a 2020 Rocket 3 GT. I was with my girl at the time. As the strangers rode off into the...
  11. kevin S

    Rocket 3 GT Exhaust Mod from Meerkat!!!!

    I was in contact with Peter Herrington ( Meerkat Mufflers) and he sent me this info for DIY method.
  12. kevin S

    Original blinkers/turn signal for Rocket GT!

    Does anyone know where I can purchase the original blinker/turn signal light (front and rear). In North America they have the ugly round style! Thanks!
  13. Rocket 3 Man

    Rocket 3 R 2020

    Hey fellow Rocket owners, I just traded my 2017 Rocket 3 Roadster for the 2020 Rocket 3 R. First service at 500 miles I’ll be doing myself with Rotella 15w 40 and using my reusable filter which I had on my old Rocket 3 which has a magnet to catch metal shavings. Wow I love this bike and I also...
  14. Penner

    Dyno Rocket 2.5 TFC vs Rocket 2.3 Roadster

    Both are OEM bikes. I removed all ECU restrictions. The Roadster (blue graph) also has a crossover pipe. ...
  15. ConanRocket

    Salutations from Kansas City

    Just signed up for the group, never even looked at the posts before! Just got a 2020 Rocket GT this past summer, love the heck out of it!
  16. toolittletime

    Rocket sidecar build

    Hi Guys For your amusement I am posting some pics of my Rocket sidecar build here. I started last week with building a sub frame that the car will mount to. The sidecar is one that I built 3 years ago, and is currently attached to my 2002 Moto Guzzi EV. First thing I had to do was make a new...
  17. mexican

    Thinking about trading my Indian Challenger for a new Rocket.

    Any bugs that i need to worry about? likes? dislikes? riding position? known issues? etc etc etc????
  18. Penner

    Free unrestricted maps for Rocket R GT and TFC now online

    I have now added the TFC and R model Just scroll to the bottom of the page https://tuneecu.net/Custom_Tune_list.html The European models will come soon Cheers
  19. Penner

    Free Full Power custom map for Rocket GT

    You will find it at the bottom of this page https://tuneecu.net/Custom_Tune_list.html Cheers Ulf
  20. smordue1

    CT on new Rocket

    Has anybody put a CT "Car Tire" on the new Rocket?