1. Claviger

    Captain Down, selling an essentially brand new R3GT

    Browsing Facebook today I found a post of a captain who injured his back and is now paralyzed, permanently. He's put his brand new R3 up for sale for a good price, only 3200 miles on it. Just posting this to raise awareness, I have no personal involvement with him. Sounds like a tough...
  2. danbsimpson

    I've been posting and commenting.... When do we get allowed to post... I broke my spine must sell my r3

    Is there a certain number of comments I must do... I thought it was unlocked but just went to make a forum post and no luck
  3. Vorteks

    Mounting Givi Trekker top box to 2005 R3

    HI all. I want to mount this top box to my steed but the local shop cant seem to see a way of doing it on the sissy bar. Is there an adapter that will mount on the sissy and allow the box to attach? FYI box i want is this 58 Litre Beast
  4. Witam! Pozdrawiam R3

    Witam! Pozdrawiam R3

    New to the R3

    Have owned several bikes (still have a few) but new to the R3. Look forward to learning from others about these monsters. Bill
  6. Paul463

    Potential new R3 GT 221 Owner

    Waiting to hear from the bank if I'm a new R3 GT 221 owner. Trying to trade my '22 HD Ultra Limited.
  7. buddazero

    Remove Rear Shocks Advice? R3 Roadster 2018

    Hey, I need to remove the rear shock in order to spray paint over the scratch damage you see in the photo below. It's the rear left side panel, and also right. Right now the quick release sissy bar is in front, but to take off that panel I need to take off the shocks. I do have this manual...
  8. atomsplitter

    Center Stand for 04-18 R3

    I have the center stand for the older Rockets that fit the lugs on the lower frame if anyone want to pick it up in Keller Texas. Flipmeister was making them years ago and it's a substantial piece. Uses a 1/2" drive to prop the bike. If you pick it up, no charge.
  9. JackG

    ‘06 R3 bolt

    I removed my bags and am looking for replacement bolts fitting the rear fender to frame What size are they or where can I find replacements?
  10. buddazero

    Tune Map for R3 Roadster 2018 w. Ram Air & Dave Platt Custom Silencers

    Hey, As you can tell from the title I a Triumph Rocket 3 Roadster 2018 with the Ram Air kit & Dave Platt Exhaust, right now I have a previous Dyno Tune from an old exhaust system, and I think it's a bad idea to continue riding with that Tune, also the Dyno Tuner here in the states wasn't as...
  11. 1Steve

    What is the best bang for buck on adaptive headlights for a 2015 R3 Touring?

    I've seen several people say great things about the JW Speakers but it sounds like there are inexpensive versions available as well. Has anybody had success with knockoffs? If so, which brand/model?
  12. KurtVerbose

    11 Years an R3 Owner, but new to the forum

    HI guys, Thought I'd say hello. British guy living in Switzerland. Had the R3 roadster since 2011 but for some reason never joined the forum.
  13. Journeyman28778

    Ride/Camping on the R3

    My first ride/camp on the new R3 this weekend. It was a perfect day of riding on The Snake, Back of the Dragon then stayed at Hungry Mother State Park (at the base of Back of The Dragon). The Roadster took on more gear, comfortably, but this setup will definitely work. I had tent, collapsible...
  14. TheTaylorEffect

    Need advice. Found a low mileage 2011 R3 Roadster on Craigslist, but the valve cover gasket is warped.

    Hi Folks, Not an R3 owner - but looking. In need of some advice. I want to go back to a power cruiser after riding sport tourers for a few years - and found a 2011 R3 Roadster on Craigslist for $7500 with a little over 7000 miles on it. Owner just put new tires on it a few weeks ago. I spent...
  15. Ap0c65

    New R3 owner

    Just purchased my R3 classic 2009 with a few mods already done and what an absolute beast it is 😍😍
  16. KeystoneTR3

    New R3 GT owner in eastern PA

    Hi All, I’m new here and a new owner of 2022 Rocket 3 GT location in eastern PA, US and I already clocked over 500miles so I decided I would start modding it. So today a few hours ago I installed a DNA air filter and new release Carpenter Racing full exhaust system that I picked up a couple of...
  17. frkmbolin

    It's 2022 - any DFW R3 riders around?

    I know I've seen a couple other Rockets in the Fort Worth area. Anyone on here local?
  18. frkmbolin

    R3 as an Enduro or long-haul?

    In 2021, I picked up a short passenger backrest and sissy bar from a guy in Houston (you may be on here) who had turned his Roadster into essentially something between an Enduro and a simple long-haul. He put an auxiliary fuel tank back behind him where a passenger might go, and a left-hand...
  19. AzRocketman

    Rocket firmware updates for 2020/2021

    Good Day, R3 Owners, Has anyone had their firmware upgraded or updates applied to their R3? at the dealer. And if so? was it to fix a problem or recall? I have 3600mi on my 2020 R3 with absolutely no issues or complaint's. I do my own maintenance, always have. Thanks ! Dan, AZRocketman