1. How many days until battery discharge when rocket3R is not in use

    Hi, can someone tell me how long it takes until battery discharges to the point where it only turns on INSTRUMENT DASH but does not kick the starter motor ( battery voltage goes around 8V as compare to 13V ) when the bike is not in use at all? 10days? 20days? 40days? Thankyou
  2. Darron1117

    Found gasket under bike

    Hello all, Found this laying under my 2012 Roadster. Was on the ground, near rear of the engine. Is a rubber like cushion. Any ideas where it came from? Thanks in advance,
  3. Frederick45

    Hi I'm Fred from Baltimore Maryland United States I just purchased a 2005 rocket with 36000 miles bike is awesome big and quick purchased

    Hi I'm Fred from the United States Baltimore Maryland I just purchased a 2005 rocket 3 classic awesome bike been riding and working on bikes all my life this bike is big and fast
  4. evo

    Ways to disable need for Clutch to start bike?

    I hate having to pull the clutch in when starting the bike...anyone have any knowledge on how to disable this? Is it possible, or is this something you can do with TuneECU maybe? This is for the new 2.5l Rocket 3 btw... ta...
  5. Rocket3R tug war with any other production motorcycle?

    hi, I am wondering if we do a tug war between rocket3R and any other non Triumph stock/nonmodified production motorcycle then are there 100% chance that rocket *will always win* the tug war because of torque? Image from internet
  6. Ishrub

    I have found my 'Exit the world' bike- the original Widowmaker!

    I'm winning still @Rocket Scientist ! https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/194932698175?hash=item2d62e4ec3f:g:9xAAAOSwsOZiOodw&autorefresh=true https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kawasaki_triple Kawasaki H1-A 500 Two Stroke Triple 1971.
  7. Iain66

    Paington bike festival 30 april -2 may 2022

    with sadness i have to say the festival has been cancelled 😪 just when we needed a escape.
  8. stingray

    New bike weird issues

    2021 Rocket 3GT with less than 300 miles and I'm starting to see some odd things like turn signal malfunctions. Then the headlight is strobing. What is going on?? I pull the seat off and check the battery terminals. Yikes! They were just hand tight and looked to be arcing with lots of corrosion...
  9. Intro - Hello to all R3 Owners

    Presently the owner of a 2010 R3 Roadster, Years back I rode the first R3 in Manchester (UK) when I ran the local RAT group/club. At that time I was with a Speed Triple 955i. I was blown away by the torque and the then reasonable handling of the R3. The 2010 Roadster seems to have righted the...
  10. Tony

    Gear change clunky after bike drop

    At 40 mph on motorway road works car pulled out into my lane just as traffic came out to complete stop (stole my brake distance) hit brakes hard and just about stopped but touched his bumper bike fell to the left under a bit of control. I was in 4 gear I hit the kill switch. With help I stood...
  11. CaffeineBuzz

    Caught a close call on my bike cameras

    I have a dual channel camera system on my bike that writes to a dvr. A few days ago, I remembered an incident from back in October and hoped i'd be able to pull it before the file got written over. The timing was perfect and I got it on both cameras. If you want to have a look, here they...
  12. Morph1976

    No tail or headlight and bike won't turn

    Hey guys, my standard rocket 3 2007 has the above issues. It was working fine last week when I took it for a spin but nothing this morning. A number of months ago I wired in a keyless ignition using 3 relays thanks to help from decosse. When activating the keyless fob the dash lights up and goes...
  13. Tripps

    Old bike

    My wife told me that I should buy a new bike, and I was going to, but maybe since I'm an old guy, I bought a kind of old bike instead.
  14. Husband's bike

    Hi everyone, I'm new here. My husband passed away recently and I need to sell his Rocket 3, 65 plate. I'm gutted but it's the right thing. It's in immaculate condition and done about 12,000 miles. I need to know its going to be looked after and loved as much as he loved it.
  15. Tuneecu links

    Hi! I need the links to download tuneecu. My bike is R3 2004 model
  16. Lucien

    Just introducing myself

    Treated myself on a great bike last year, after immigration into the Boston area with my wife (who likes to ride on the back luckily). We came from the Netherlands in 2019 but got stuck with in pandemic world 🤪 Good to ride out though…. Any fellow riders nearby that occasionally like to tour...
  17. atlsrt44

    Bike acting up

    I have a 2016 roadster with 5k miles. Bike has ramair,tors, crossover pipe, pcv. Last week when i took it out it acted funny. When i upshifted and went wot it hesitated and jerked until about 4k at which point it was fine. I turned around towards house and tried again and it was fine. Rode...
  18. buddazero

    Will Ceramic Coating Headers Affect Bike?

    Hey, So, I got custom headers and the stock tune completely turned the pipes blue and all sorts of colors, was running super lean, even my pants caught fire. Fortunately I got a map on it right now which it treating the bike, and on the 15 of August I'm getting it Dyno tuned. That being said...
  19. Starfleet

    Bike wont start

    This is a work in progress. My 2021 Rocket GT won’t start. All the usual, typical, user errors are not the issue. The bike is currently at the dealer; it’s been a week. At first, we thought maybe it was a thermal, electrical issue - bike wouldn’t start after it warmed up - but that has been...
  20. Wdugan9080

    Trip and clock resetting everytime you turn bike off and on???

    Hi everyone, just got the 2008 R3T and was checking what plugs were in it and if they were worn, disconnected the speedometer/instruments on tank to get tank up and forgot to disconnect battery first, then when I connected the instruments back up, the speedometer, fuel gauge, signal cancelling...