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    OCABS warning I'll say check those connectors again... because only it's happening at higher rpms, maybe it's just happening when trembling
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    Loose wire under seat

    Cha Ching! That right there is $1 connector cable and $200 hour dealer installation labor...
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    OCABS warning

    Maybe a loose connector....
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    Rockets hitting the smokeys

    Glad you are fine, certainly as the time goes by, more people is driving carelessly. Hope you can get the bike fixed quickly. Let me know if you need to leave it there i can storage it locally
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    Bag for Luggage Rack

    yes, I had an smaller bag there but still was overflowing to the sides.... no much space in the original rack, something like this will fit though...
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    Bag for Luggage Rack

    Yes, you purchase the triumph rack first, discard the biggest piece, keep the smallest which modify the back rest to allow a rack, then buy and use the lamonster rack instead...
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    Bag for Luggage Rack

    For those expensive pill dispensers the hospital bills you everytime...
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    Mounting an Exedra Max rear tire on the new 3R = Better Handling

    My rear at 6000... I expecting get to 10000 miles with it... what kind of roads are you riding?
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    How to carry wet weather gear on Rocket 3

    My viking tail bag has enough space for that plus tools, air compressor, etc etc... just get a larger rack from lamonster so it's better supported... and don't worry about the "lab samples tray design" based on weight reduction i imagine... you won't see once in use... and if so is handy to...
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    Holy smokes - Rocket TFC THORNTON mod <3

    I didn't like the idea of making a weird Cafe racer from the rocket... and totally agree, while that exhaust makes sense for symmetrical people, you are losing a lot with that... I will be fun to see somebody riding it when the rain starts...
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    How come you lot haven't snapped this up yet?

    MOT test? Mother of-all test?
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    Head count for Maggie valley 2022

    We did it!
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    Head count for Maggie valley 2022

    I hope you guys can do the best in this time, a big hug for you.
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    Head count for Maggie valley 2022

    Sorry guys, I need to comeback to Miami asap... business require my presence. But weather is awesome right now, you will have a blast. Next time.