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  • Hi Nolton. Showing Hans a good time are ya? Can you do me a favor? I left a message with Hans too. Would you have him call me. I dropped my cell phone and lost everything. My land line is 262 822 4998. Before noon tomorrow or tonight also, would be great as I leave for the weekend then with no phone. Just want to say so long. Thanks
    Check it out, bro. I'm still trying to get the hose routed where I'm comfortable with it to reach the intake. This turned out to be a pretty fun project. One of these days I might learn to leave stuff well enough alone...naaaaaaah! Lol. Hope all is well!
    Hey Nolt, Hope things are goin well!
    If you would like my tentative Colorado GPS rts and you have Garmin, send me an email...

    Andy (Ogre)
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